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Greenfield, WI - Furiously buying your used gear!

We Buy Used Musical Instruments & Gear

Music Go Round - Greenfield opened it's doors in May of 1996 and has been furiously buying and selling used gear ever since!  We strive to put "The Right Gear with the Right Customer" and we will never sell you on something that you don't need.

We are proud to employ a staff of musicians that love USED gear.  Some of us have played, in touring bands, worked as guitar techs on the road, and have recording experience both in front of and behind the faders.  At any given time,we can be found playing in local bands or writing our own music. 

Ken, Music Go Round, Greenfield & Kenosha WI


Specialty: Bass 

Music Educationand Background: Just the 7 songs my brother showed me how to play. I learned a wee bit on my own.

Favorite Gear: My Ric 4003 played thru my Marshall JCM800 Superbass. My Music Man 100B sounds killer as well.

Short Story: I Started playing drums in 5th grade for the school band. I was awful at it, but I kept playing through High School. When I was 14, my brother’s band needed a bass player for a show, so I borrowed one from  someone and learned 7 songs, and the rest is history. By the way, I still suck at drums. 

Current Bands: 12 oz. Prophet  http://www.myspace.com/twelveounce

Past Bands: Hester Mofet, The Invaders

Favorite Bands: Jets To Brazil, Fireside, Pantera, The Damned, Siversun Pickups, Beastie Boys, The Church, and White Zombie. 

Favorite Album: The Black Album by The Damned is still my favorite since I was a kid. It’s got everything that a good album needs- Moog synths, piano, acoustic guitars, rocking guitar solos and lots of feedback, crunchy sounding bass tones and loud drums. It is s very dynamic album. 

Bert, Music Go Round, Greenfield WI

Store Manager 


Specialty: Guitars, Amps, Effects, Pro Sound, Recording.

A little about myself: I have immersed myself in creating music since high school. It began with my first electric guitar at age 15. After spending countless hours learning songs from, Speed metal, Punk, and Blues bands, riffs of my own started to slowly appear. It wasn't until a few years later that The Buzzhorn was recording albums and playing shows around Milwaukee. The band released Disconnected on Atlantic Records. We went on tour and had the time of our lives. To this day, playing guitar and writing songs is something that keeps me happy. I have been fortunate enough to use my experience and knowledge to assist customers of Music Go Round find happiness in their music endeavors.                                                                          

Favorite Gear: Gibson SG, Old Marshall Amps

Favorite bands: Cave In, Ours, Shiner, and Injected, to name a few.

CURRENT BAND: Black Belt Theatre

Past Bands: The Buzzhorn, King Gun, B.D.D.

Music Education: Graduate of Recording Workshop. 


Brian, Music Go Round, Greenfield WI



Specialty: Drums (Vintage and Modern), Cymbals, Electric Guitars, and Guitar Effects.

Favorite Gear: My Ludwig Classic Maple Kits, Ludwig LM402 Snare, Big Hand Hammered Cymbals

Favorite Bands: Against Me!,Cory Branan, Descendents, Alkaline Trio,  Journey, Nofx,  Queen, Counting Crows, None More Black. 

Current Bands: Reynaldo Jenkins and The Teardrops, BearTax

Past Band: Killing Smalls, Lax Archivist, Paper HollandTwelve Ounce Prophet

Music Education and Background: Playing Drums in Bands for 20 years. No formal training just learning from everyone I've ever played with or watched play.

Ryan, Music Go Round, Greenfield WI



Specialty: Guitars, Guitar Amps, Guitar Effects, Trumpets/Brass, and Measuring Impedance.

Music Education and Background: Jazz Band, Marching Band, and the street. Trumpet, Guitar, and Bass.

Favorite Gear: Telecasters, Tube Screamers and 30-watt CLASS A  Amplifiers.

Short Story: I started playing trumpet in grade school and have picked up  other instruments  along  the way.  My main instrument  is guitar and  has been for about 10 years now. Music Go Round allows me to work  towards  and for my tonal conquest.  Everyday I find something interesting about music, gear and the people involved.

Current Projects: Live Tether ball Tonight and Deadset

Favorite Bands: I'll give you 5: Misery Signals, Saves The Day, Tera Melos, The Meteah  Strike  and  Sunny Day Real Estate.

Will, Music Go Round, Greenfield WI 

Buying and Selling Associate 


Specialty: Guitars, Amps, and Pedals 

Music Education and Background: I have 9 years of private music lessons. and a lot of obsessive reading, plus several mostly-for-fun bands along the way. I have a BA in History, which has very little to do with music but does make me very boring at parties.

Favorite Gear: Old Danelectros, '80s BOSS pedals, Synths, '80s Ibanez

Favorite Musicians: Nikita Koshkin, Prokefiev, Tears for Fears, Nirvana, Grimes

Favorite AlbumS: Kala by M.I.A., Visions by Grimes, Songs from the Big Chair by Tears for Fears

Patrick, Music Go Round, Greenfield WI

Buying and Selling Associate 


SPECIALTY: Guitars, Bass, & Heavy Metal

MUSICAL EDUCATION AND BACKGROUND: Some Private lessons and YouTube tutorials.

FAVORITE GEAR: ESP/LTD Guitars, Ibanez Iceman, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Every Peavey Product, Roland Re-201, and MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe

SHORT STORY: The influence to play music came from a small group of friends in middle school. Everybody starting to listen to Slayer and Metallica which got shared with me and eventually influenced me to pick up a guitar when they all started playing in a band together.  After a few years of lessons, I started my first band Slug Shell. I have now moved onto H1Z1 and do my own Video Game Covers on YouTube!

CURRENT BANDS: H1Z1, GunderslamSlug Shell,

FAVORITE BANDS: DevilDriver, Pantera, Lamb of God, System of a Down, Machine Head, and Mastodon (this list could go on forever).

FAVORITE ALBUMs: Insomnium: Shadows of the Dying Sun, System of a Down: Mezmerize, Devildriver: The Last Kind Words, Mastodon: Crack the Skye, Amon Amarth: With Oden On Our Side

Kurt, Music Go Round, Greenfield WI 

Buying and Selling Associate 


Music Education-
Recording songs onto tape cassettes off the radio and learning by ear. Eventually this thing called the internet came along. Life saver!

Short Story-
I started playing bass at 14 and switched to guitar at 15. Guys like James Hetfield, Dave Grohl, Gavin Rossdale (at least on Sixteen Stone), and Billie Joe Armstrong were my influences. I prefer to play rhythm guitar-leave the solos to anybody way more talented than I am.
Punk, 80's metal, Alt/Grunge, Classic Rock...as long as there is a hook I'm in. If you like Phil Collins and Eddie Money we'd probably get along.

Current Projects-
In between things  at the moment. Currently I like taking 80's pop songs and giving them a Punk edge.

Favorite Gear- Telecasters, Japanese made  Squier and Epiphones, any amp with a great clean tone. 

Favorite bands-
Metallica, The Misfits, Foo Fighters, Green Day, The Clash...Pretty much any 80's pop. Bryan Adams is life.

Favorite Album- 
 Sports. Ask me tomorrow and I'll have a different answer.













SPECIALTY: Audio Recording Gear, Guitars, Amps, and Pedals 

MUSIC EDUCATION AND BACKGROUND: Music is in my family.  Everyone plays at least one instrument.  I am a long time veteran as an audio engineer/producer.

FAVORITE GEAR: Way too many guitars to list, Universal Audio interfaces and plugins and I enjoy all the cutting edge technology.

SHORT STORY: I have recorded artists from all over the world.  I am still amazed by the wealth of talent here in midwest USA.  Wisconsin rocks.

CURRENT PROJECTS: A new mixing and mastering project room for my enjoyment

FAVORITE ALBUM: Songs for the Deaf.  Queens of the Stone Age









SPECIALTY: Ovation Guitars, Playing Smoke on the Water Repeatedly. 


FAVORITE GEAR: Ovations Guitars, Orange Amplifiers and Cabinets

Favorite Bands: Turnover, After the Burial, Hammock, It Bleeds



Fred, Music Go Round, Greenfield & Kenosha WI 


The gear you no longer use could be a Gold Mine!

Instead of dealing with the hassles of trying to sell your gear online or in the classified ads, simply bring your used musical gear into our store.

Our entire staff has been trained to buy and will make you an offer. (usually within minutes). It is simple, quick and easy... and no appointment is needed... stop in when it is convenient for you!


  • Bring your musical instruments with adapters, manuals and related accessories. We also, buy cases, racks, stands, tuners and other musical products! The only things we're not able to buy are:  cables, books, harmonicas, and pianos or organs. 
  • Be sure your musical gear is in good working order. We’ll review and research each item and define a fair market value of your products. While we are doing this, you can feel free to check out all of the cool USED gear in our stores.
  • We then make you an offer based on that fair market value.
  • If you like the offer, we will pay you on the spot by check and you'll be on your way! 
  • Bring a valid Driver’s License or valid Government Issued ID  and complete some paperwork and we'll do the rest. It is literally that simple! (We are required by law to have this information to buy your gear.)



Music Go Round shoppers know what’s cool and what brands are best.  While we buy anything that you no longer use, we pay the most when your gear is clean and in good working condition. 

Music Go Round recognizes that some products are in higher demand.  We have no problem cutting a "big check" offer the absolute top dollar on high end equipment.  We have paid over $20,000 for a single guitar.  


How will you value My equipment?

Our buyers receive extensive training on how to appropriately value your gear.  Each member of our team has likely bought more in the last year, than even the most vigorous gear hounds have in their lifetime!

We typically pay 40-60% of what we can resell an item for.  Some of the factors that affect what we can resell your piece for USED include; what it sold for new, condition, functionality, popularity, best on-line pricing, and our own Music Go Round GoldBook.

We will make you an offer on almost any piece of gear, regardless of condition.  Nothing is too old, too new, too beat up, too cheap, or too expensive.  The only things we're not able to buy are:  cables, books, harmonicas, and pianos or organs.


HOW does Music Go ROund pay?

Music Go Round pays on the spot by check.  All you need is a valid Driver’s License  or a valid Government issued State ID and a few minutes to complete some paperwork.  We'll do the rest.  

Can't I get more if I sell it on my own?
In some cases, you may be able to sell your gear locally for more by dealing with another musician directly.  Music Go Round buy prices are extremely competitive with what you would typically receive when you try to sell it on your own.  Especially when you take into account the time and expense that you'll incur to market your gear.  

We offer immediate payment by check so you can get on with your life, and get the gear that you really want!


Our new site allows our local customers to buy online and pickup their purchases in store.  No more rushing down first thing in the morning for that item just posted to the site.  Buy now and get the gear you want!


What you need to bring to the store:

    • Your valid Government issued photo ID  
    • The Credit Card used to process this transaction.  
    • To protect our customers against fraud, we require that the names on both the ID and the card must match.

  • Wait until you receive a confirmation email from the store notifying you that your order is ready for pickup.  We make sure that the item is still available, in working order, and the paperwork is ready for you to sign.
  • It's not too late for trades!
    • If you have gear, simply bring it in when picking up your purchase.  We'll offer you our trade price in a check.
  • Items must be picked up at the location they are purchased from.
    • In store pickup is not a site to store service.  If you select 'In Store Pickup' for an item located in Kentucky... you're going to have to drive to Kentucky to pick it up!
  • Be prepared to pickup your item within three (3) business days.  If you can't make it in by then, we'll cancel the order and refund your card.
  • In rare cases, an item purchased online may no longer be available.  As each item is unique, we do not have substitutes or multiple quantities.  A refund will be promptly given for any order that can't be filled.
  • Sales tax applies to all purchase made online and selected for 'In Store Pickup'.
    • Tax exempt customers will be issued a refund of the tax collected via the original form of payment after picking up their items
  • Management reserves the right to modify or limit all transactions.


Internet Sales and Returns


Please click here for our Internet Sales Return Policy.  It applies to all shipped items.


Store Policies

The following applies to in-store purchases only.


Original sales receipt and valid government issued photo ID are required for all refund and exchanges.  Returns are allowed within 7 days of purchase.  Music Go Round reserves the right to deny or limit any return transaction.

Refunds:  Are offered less a 20% restocking fee.

Exchanges:  Are offered without a restocking fee, with any balance being issued as store credit.

  • New items must be returned in new condition with all included manufacturers packaging, literature, and accessories.
  • Used items must be returned in the same condition as sold with all included literature and accessories.
  • Your refund will generally be in the same form as the original purchase.
    • Debit or cash purchases by company check.
    • Credit Card charges to original card only.

Nonreturnable Items                                                                                                                                                

  • Gift Cards.
  • Items that are damaged or abused.
  • Items that are missing accessories such as power supplies, manuals, packaging, and cables.
  • Opened computer software and DVD’s.
  • Microphones, harmonicas, kazoos, reeds, and similar products. 


All new equipment sold includes the manufacturers warranty.  Music Go Round will gladly assist you in any warranty claims free of charge.  Keep in mind that each manufacturer has different warranty policies and product may need to get shipped to an offsite service facility for repair.

A 60-day warranty covers all used merchandise.  All items are tested in store prior to being offered for sale, and are 100% functional unless otherwise noted. 

Music Go Round will at its discretion offer to repair, replace, or exchange any covered item. 

Item malfunctions must be demonstrated and replicable in store.  Wear items and subjective issues such as tone, quality of sound, feel, and instrument action are not covered under this warranty.

Damage due to misuse, neglect, improper use, overloaded signals, overpowering speakers, impedance mismatch, service performed by a third party, or consumer modification is not covered by this warranty. 

Loss of use or income is not covered by this warranty.  Upon request, an item of lesser or equal value may be offered in loan while an item is being repaired.

Same Day Holds

Items may be held until ½ hour before store closing on that business day. Repeated or consecutive holds of an item are not allowed. 

Stock Transfer Requests

Music Go Round will transfer an item from either Greenfield or Kenosha upon your request.  Requesting a transfer does not guarantee that the item will be held for you.  It is only a request that it be brought to the store on the next available trip.  The item remains available for purchase to customers in-store and online.

If this is an absolute must have piece, please buy online, and select in store pickup.  This removes the item from our inventory and gives you the option to pickup at either our Greenfield or Kenosha locations.  
If the gear does not meet your standards before taking it home, we will void the transaction.  After that, our standard warranty and return policy applies to all items purchased online and picked up in store.


A 30 day, interest free layaway is available to in-store customers on all merchandise with a 50% down payment.  We will double your layaway term with any traded items accepted as a deposit.

In lieu of charging interest all refunds and cancellations are payable via store credit.  For complete terms, please review your layaway contract.

Price Adjustments

Music Go Round will match the lowest advertised price of any NEW product being offered for sale from any authorized dealer for up to 7 days after purchase.  Item must be identical and immediately available.  Our staff must be able to verify both the advertised price and status as an authorized dealer prior to adjustment.  Not applicable to b-stock, discontinued, bundles, used merchandise, or items listed on third party websites.  Price adjustment offered will be inclusive of any minimum order charges and freight. 

Abandoned Items

Property left on premises without a claim check will be considered abandoned and disposed of after 48 hours.

All Buy Transactions Final

Due to State laws and store policy, all items sold or traded to our store become property of Music Go Round.  Upon signing the paperwork, and receiving a check, the transaction is considered complete and cannot be undone.  If a customer wishes to re-purchase an item sold to the store, it must be done at full retail pricing.


Revised 08/13/2015

Instrument Exchange Program

Music Go Round Trade In Bonus Program


How it Works         

Bring in any gear that you’re no longer using and we’ll make you an offer to buy on the spot.  If you’d like to apply that offer as a Trade In towards gear or gift cards, we can give you more!


Standard Trade In Bonus 

Music Go Round will add 5% to our offer when you choose to trade toward anything in the store.


Double, Triple, and Quadruple It!

We offer special promotions through newsletters, social media, and surprise in store deals.  Make sure you talk to our staff to stay up to date on special Trade In events so you can earn up to an additional 20% on top of our offer in trade.


The Fine Print

Just like when you sell to us, you'll need a valid state ID.  

There are no restrictions on transactions where you apply the full value of our offer and Trade in Bonus.

For trades that result in a payment to you, the Trade in Bonus is limited to 10% of the retail value of your purchase.

If you earn a 10% Trade In Bonus on $500 worth of PA Gear, and purchase a $300 guitar in trade, the maximum Trade In Bonus earned is $30.


Another benefit to trading!

You only need to pay tax on the “paid difference” of a trade.  It’s like getting another 5.6% added to our offer! 

Trade in $250 worth of gear towards a $350 guitar and only pay tax on the $100 difference.  Music Go Round just saved you another $14!